4 Tips to Help You Write Better Content on a Deadline

4 Tips to Help You Write Better Content on a Deadline

“What kind of content, exactly, should I be producing for my business?”

Have you ever asked that question? Are you asking that question right now?

It’s a question we hear most often here at Lunar Logic. When it comes to branding, many businesses know they need to be producing content—but they just aren’t sure what they’re supposed to be creating.

First things first, we have to address the elephant in the room: what is content? When we talk about content, we are talking about blog posts and social media, primarily. That can include writing, graphic design, images, video, and strategy.

This blog post, however, will focus primarily on writing content—and how to do so without too much hemming and hawing about if you’re doing the right thing. In this blog post, we’ll also give you tips on how to brainstorm content, how to keep yourself organized, and more. Let’s get started!

1. Have a Strategy

The most important part of writing better content for your brand is to have a strategy in place for what you want your content to achieve. How do you do that? Here the quick-and-dirty steps:

  1. Define your goal. Do you want to attract new customers? Or do you want to build engagement with your current following? Or do you want to increase your SEO to improve your organic search traffic?
  2. Research what competitors are doing. What is your top competitor doing when it comes to content? Are they blogging? Are they producing popular, engaging content on social media?
  3. Determine how content can help your goal. New customers will want different content than existing customers, both of which can help your SEO. List the different types of content that you think will appeal most to your specific goals.

2. Keep a Running List of Ideas

Once you know what kind of content you want to produce, it’s time to start brainstorming specific ideas.

Let’s look an example. Let’s say you’re a business that produces and sells dried fruit of all varieties. You have a few that are most popular (dried apples and raisins, let’s say), but one of your goals for 2018 is to increase sales of your dried mango slices and dried apricots to both new and existing customers. You have a strategy; you know you need to produce content to share on your social media channels that promote those products; but what are some ways to do that that aren’t just the basics? Here are a few ideas:

  • Writing recipes that incorporate those items
  • Writing informative blog posts that talk about the health benefits of those items
  • Writing microblogs for other platforms (like Facebook) that provide creative uses for these items (like in smoothies, oatmeal, and more)

That’s just one simple example. You can also expand these items beyond written content, by creating videos that walk through recipes or creative methods of storing dried fruit, taking flat lay photos for Instagram that show off your packaging and products, and more.

Once you start a list, keep it going. Monitor your competitors and, whenever you get ideas for content, add it to the list.

3. Be Aware of Your Brand’s Voice

If your brand could talk, what would it sound like?

Knowing the answer to that (perhaps somewhat complicated question) can better help you to keep content flowing. When you know your brand’s voice, it’s easier to know exactly what to write: you can keep content more centered around an idea, know how to transition between topics, and keep readers engaged.

It’s easier to say that, however, then actually do it! To learn more about developing your brand’s voice, we recommend this article.

4. Use Visual Elements

Sometimes, written content only works when there are visual elements. As we mentioned, including video content in tandem with written content (like with recipes or DIYs that include your products) can be extremely beneficial to any content strategy. Visual elements do, however, require a little more work than just writing a blog post. Fortunately, we have some resources to better help you create visual elements.

Tools like Canva can help you create graphics to use in blog posts and on social media to either promote your content or act as supplements to written content. As well, if you don’t have the resources to create your own photography at this time, you can use a website like Unsplash to find free, no attribution stock photos to use in graphics or blog posts.

Is it Too Much?

You know you need to be producing content for your business—but even after reading our tips, you are still reeling in regards to what, exactly, you’re supposed to be doing. It’s ok! We understand. Taking your digital marketing to the next level with content is often one of the biggest humps for businesses to get over. That’s why, here at Lunar Logic, we want to help you create an action plan that can be easily implemented. To learn more, click here.
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