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What Do You Want People To Know?

by guest blogger, James Keil

ImageStream is a media production company that specializes in delivering your message through HD video, motion graphics, and interactive content. We focus on crafting the right message, which sticks in the minds of your audience.

ImageStream produces content that is current, engaging, and visually entertaining. ImageStream produces custom e-learning courses for companies who are looking to improve current training systems and address issues like consistency, retention, and documentation. We help employers to reduce costs, and provide relief to tough schedules.

The business of media production is changing rapidly. With increasing numbers of people accessing video on the web, businesses are gearing their media advertising accordingly. ImageStream has seen an increased level of production geared toward the web, and much of the broadcast video has become dual-purposed. When we produce content for a client, we deliver it in the highest quality format should they choose to show it on BluRay or DVD, and also in Flash format should they choose to post it on their website, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

ImageStream keeps in stride with the media world by constantly upgrading to the latest production equipment, software, and applications for reducing file size while maintaining quality for web use. We use technology which allows better tracking and analytics with web-based media. We are fortunate to have an exceptionally talented group of professionals who bring all of the amazing technology together, making ImageStream a truly unique company.

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Non-profit Promotional piece
There are many more examples of our work

For more information contact: James Keil 541.430.6861

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