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VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol

Michael Newman, guest blogger

In a world already full of acronyms, some people are a bit confused by VoIP, short for Voice Over Internet Protocol. There are primarily three classes of service: 1) Residential providers like Vonage, Packet 8, others and Skype, which incorporates video with voice. 2) Hosted VoIP providers that have the infrastructure and business locations simply need phones and high speed internet access. 3) IP PBX systems with digital and legacy telephone like integration with hardware and software in the business location.

Choosing which solution is right depends on the volume of calls, number of users, IT knowledge and quality of service. Businesses need a hosted or IP PBX system. Either offers a wide variety of features from caller ID, voicemail, automated attendant, on hold messaging, voicemail to email and desktop integration, call logging and many other features.

Thanks For Holding has formed partnerships with a number of hosted and IP PBX providers and provides professional auto attendant, voice mail and on hold message recordings. Businesses have a desire to make great audio impressions with callers and greatly benefit from a variety of male and female voices. We’ve recently launched a unique on hold message digital player that digitally sends audio to Cisco Call Manager and Asterisk IP PBX systems for the best quality and great Thanks For Holding content management.

For consultation or more information contact Thanks For Holding at or 800-758-0035.

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