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Vodka Lime Sugar Ice

by Todd Edman, CEO

Let me preface this by saying I am not a bartender. I say this because I have lots of friends who are, and they'll probably end up reading this and laughing at me in front of my face. But I have a, lets call it a theory, about making drinks. People like to drink drinks that have balance. Ones that aren't too sweet, aren't too sour, don't taste too much like booze but still have some booze in them.

But I never have everything I need to make this drink or that drink. And learning a bunch of different recipes doesn't really appeal to me. So I started making them up. Here I'd like to demonstrate my theory by using Vodka, Lime, Sugar and Ice.

Drink One

Add a shot of Vodka to an ounce of Lime juice, mix it with half a cup of any drinkable juice, and add in 1 tbs of sugar. Shake with 2 normal cubes of ice.

The idea here is that the Lime is sour, the sugar sweet, and the juice hides some of the vodka. It makes a nice simple drink with any juice that appeals to a wide audience.

Drink Two: More Booze.

Two Shot's of Vodka, 1/4 cup juice of any sort, two ounces of lime juice and three tbs of sugar.

Here, the sugar covers some of the vodka and the extra lime. The juice gives color and a hint of flavor, and the sour of the lime will help hide the extra vodka as well.

Drink Three: Fancy Pants

Two Shot's of vodka, poured in a skinny tall glass over 3-4 ice cubes. Dump two tbs of sugar over the ice cubes. Follow that with one and a half oz of lime juice, then slowly fill the glass the rest of the way with some sort of juice.

The vodka and juice should mix slowly. The result will create strong sweet and sour flavors all in the same drink. This one isn't for everyone but it's a bit fancy and a bit fun.

So those are three simple drinks all made with the same base ingredients: vodka lime sugar ice. Try adding in additional booze shots to replace the "other" shot in the drinks. You might be surprised what works!

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