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Victory Goes to the Fast

Guest Blogger: Becky Smith, Marketing Manager at Guaranty RV Super Centers and Discount Chevrolet

Fast. Faster. Fastest. Our “I must have it now” culture drives innovation as well as the ability to get things done more quickly. What used to take days is now done in a matter of hours or minutes. For example, customers have more information than ever to inform their buying decisions— all at the click of a mouse. The old sales adage of awareness, preference, choice and repetition still applies. But the method to make it happen, thanks to technology, has changed. Technology shortens the sales funnel, turning a prospect into a buyer more quickly.

Real Life Speed Demons

Guaranty RV Super Centers and Discount Chevrolet, with a gigantic offering of cars, trucks, trailers and motor homes, puts this theory to the test with the introduction of a new website. The new site uses technologies like:
  • A faceted search that refines search results by category.
  • An autocomplete search engine that queries the site.
  • Call to action mechanisms on almost every page to encourage user interaction and conversions.
  • Search engine optimization built into each page along with analytics.
  • Social media interaction that is available within inventory searches.
  • Shorter Really Is Better

Why does shortening the sales process matter? Because consumers have an infinite number of choices, with less time on their hands to make purchasing decisions. It used to be there were one or two car dealers in a town the size of Eugene, Ore. Now there are at least seven dealers representing approximately 45 different brands.
How can a person choose? Who has time to research everything? Enter the Information Age where websites have to be intuitive and user friendly to help shoppers narrow their choices. In fact, 80-90% of all car or RV buyers visit a website before ever calling a dealership or stepping foot on a sales lot.

Providing shoppers with information in a way that’s easy to search is imperative. That’s where the technology comes in. Combine that with website design that communicates the essence of the brand and you’ve gone from zero to sixty in no time flat.

No Time to Rest on Your Laurels

Regardless of how a site uses technology, the work of a webmaster is never done. Sites need to be updated regularly and built on a platform that allows for constant refinement. Guaranty’s new website is built with Drupal making revisions straightforward. This makes the site dynamic as well as user friendly both of which help speed up the sales process.

Take a look at your website. Seek out new technology. Find a reputable web development company to take your ideas to and can then program them into reality. Your customer will benefit and so will your bottom line.

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