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Tuscany, an Apple, and the Perfect Blend

When it comes to art and design, I am conflicted. In my home, I prefer soft textures, reminiscent of old world charm. Rustic wood and earth-tones with accents of muted color. I’m not a big fan of modern interior design. To me it feels cold and uninviting.

In my work, on the other hand, I am influenced by modern industrial design with clean, strong lines, vibrant color palettes, and clear whitespace.

Tuscany and the Old World

When I think of Tuscan Italy, I picture rolling hills covered with vineyards, cypress trees and 300 year old villas. Couples sitting at a cafe in Florence drinking espresso, watching the people go by, and artists sitting on the Ponte Vecchio, studying the Tuscan light.

Italy breathes the spirit of romance and the color palettes and artistic style reflects that sentiment. Design in an old world style features warm earth tones, muted colors, rusted metal, sepia tones and plush, distressed, leather.

Apple and the Modern World

In sharp contrast, modern design is sparse with minimal color and sharp lines. Apple is famous for its modern industrial design. That sensibility is carried out through all aspects of design from their products to advertising, packaging and website. Apple has had far reaching influence in all areas of design., the Perfect Blend is the perfect blend of both worlds. The site design uses subtle floral patterns in the background and warm earth tones. It also uses a minimal color palette that is still warm and inviting. Clear whitespace gives focus to the content without feeling sterile or empty. The typography is a blend of both serif and sans-serif fonts, helping to balance between the old and new.

In the real world, design is regulated by a clients needs and things like brand guidelines. Sometimes a design is either one style or the other. But, a good design could balance the two worlds and take advantage of elements from both. Details and accents can pull from both and successfully create a design that is cohesive and successfully conveys the goals of the project.

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