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Carrie Aker, CEO, guest blogger

SocialMARCOM is a Social Media consulting company. We aim at helping businesses of all sizes use various forms of Social Media effectively and efficiently.

With great attention to strategic planning and integration of Social Media tools into their current marketing efforts, clients of SocialMARCOM can use their existing marketing pieces and find new ways to leverage them. The goal is to teach our clients how to make Social Media tools part of their ongoing communications practices. In addition to creating and executing agreed upon strategies, we also help our clients by monitoring the conversations about their company. Social Media is as much about listening to the conversation as it is about participating in it.

SocialMARCOM works diligently to keep up with the constant changes in Social Media. There are new outlets coming on strong and best practices are still developing. Our job is to understand how things are changing and then to adapt to the changes. We look for trends and look for opportunities for our clients to be on the front lines of the most effective Social Media tools for their businesses.

It is important to us that our clients understand the power of Social Media. While many still dismiss this form of marketing as fad or something that only the “kids” are using, our clients are surprised with some of the user statistics. For instance, the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women 55 and older. The age group dominating the Social Media usage across most sites is 35 – 44. We all know that positive word of mouth is the best advertising a company can get and 78% of people trust peer recommendations. This means companies need to be where the conversations are happening, which is in the world of Social Media.

The technology involved with Social Media is, well, still evolving. There are new sites popping up all the time along with tools to help inpiduals and businesses manage their efforts. Careful monitoring of the industry helps SocialMARCOM find the best tools to help our clients. As the tools improve it is easier for businesses to get on board with Social Media and to make this communications strategy a standard part of doing business. Our clients would never think of not having a website and as time goes on having a Social Media presence will be met with the same expectation.

Carrie Aker
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