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Sales Tips for Selling in Eugene

by Celeste Edman
VP Sales & Marketing, Lunar Logic

Sales people often find that they have unlimited access to their prospect’s voice mail box. They call and leave message after message hoping in vain that someday they will reach a real, live person and get to give the prospect their “pitch.” Sound familiar?

Perhaps we’re approaching this whole thing the wrong way. This got me to thinking… when someone leaves a message for me, what makes me call some back and not others? Do I have to know someone to return their call? No. Do I have to want what they have? Maybe. What is it then?

I don’t want to have to sift through the messages to determine which ones are important. It’s a pain. I like the iPhone because I can tell who has called and reply to the ones I know are urgent immediately. However, when I do have to sit and listen to all of them, part of what compels me to return their call is something I read in a book called How to Pitch Like a Girl by Ronna Lichtenberg. She says that if business people returned calls, they’d be 50% ahead of those who don’t! That always made me laugh.

I’d like to share with you my short list of what works to get me to return your call:

  • Tell me who you are. I am bad at guessing.
  • Leave me your number. I may not have it handy.
  • Tell me why you’re calling. IE, give me a reason to call you back.
  • Keep it short. I never make it through more than 30 seconds of voice mail.
  • Tell me when I can reach you. I hate being stuck in an endless loop of phone tag!
  • Also, a little humor never hurt. In other words tell me…

"Call me back!"

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