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Press Release: Lunar Logic Welcomes Sales Consultant Becky Atwater

Lunar Logic is excited to welcome Sales Consultant Becky Atwater as the newest member of our team! With 20 years of experience in selling print and digital marketing services, Becky will assist VP of Sales Celeste Edman in providing local and regional businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions with in-demand digital marketing services. Becky has a reputation for developing strong customer relationships, providing fantastic service, and delivering results by making sure her clients receive an excellent return on their advertising investment. Her primary duties will include consulting on paid search advertising, particularly with Google AdWords, Internet marketing analytics, and helping clients get their online advertising in order.

Becky’s proudest personal accomplishment is her devotion to physical fitness since she took her first aerobics class in 1982. She has come a long way since that first class when she wondered how she was going to keep her arms in the air for the duration of Michael Jackson’s Beat It. Exercise has been her passion and has given her the energy to accomplish her other proudest achievements of working while raising two children and two step-children. She has enjoyed watching three out of the four graduate college, while the fourth is well on his way to his own degree.

In her free time, Becky loves walking, attending fitness classes, playing tennis at the Y, and bowling at Emerald Lanes. She also plays a mean game of ping-pong out in the garage. It’s a good thing her main hobbies include physical activity, because her other passion is baking. Her kids and husband attest that her cinnamon rolls, breads, cookies and cakes are the “best on the planet.”

Lunar Logic is a digital marketing agency based in Eugene, OR. We specialize in a variety of digital services including website design and development, mobile application design and development, search engine advertising, SEO, digital analytics and data-driven strategy, social media, content marketing, and custom software development. Contact us today to learn more.

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