Welcome to the Team!

We had a few major changes to the Lunar Team in July. Change is always difficult, but sometimes, it works for the best. If the Wonder Woman poses of our new team members doesn’t make it obvious, they have made a huge impact on the Lunar team already!

We’ll be posting about them individually on our Instagram, but we wanted to share more about our new team members here as well.

Welcome to the team!

Mahina Husain left her warm and sunny home of Hawaii to attend the University of Oregon. She graduated with a degree in Public Relations and Psychology. Currently, Mahina is one of our Client Success Managers here at Lunar Logic. When she's not answering emails, Mahina enjoys working out, cooking, and playing with her adorable dog, Nala. Although she won't always admit it, she is a typical Slytherin (🐍) and can quote almost every line from any Friends episode. We’re so excited to have Mahina as part of our team here at Lunar!

Janice Halka grew up on the Oregon coast amid all the wind and rain. Janice is currently a Business Analyst at Lunar Logic. She graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Management, Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management with a specialization in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. She also graduated from Oregon State University with a Masters degree in College Student Services Administration and a specialization in Creative Education. Janice is a Ravenclaw, an avid tea drinker, and a big fan of all things chocolate. She also loves singing, creative writing, drawing, reading, playing video games, and spending time with her family, friends, and dogs.

Kat Booth is a SoCal transplant who has lived in Oregon for only one and a half years and only a short few weeks in Eugene. They just graduated from Western Oregon University with a degree in Business Accounting, which translates perfectly to their role as Accounting Manager at Lunar Logic. In their free time, Kat loves to learn choreography from kpop songs, especially from the group NCT. They are also the proud parent of a fur-baby, a beautiful calico-print siamese cat named Jackie. When home together, she will curl up on Kat for a nap, making her the perfect snuggle buddy while binge-watching the Harry Potter movies for the umpteenth time. We’re so excited to have Kat as a part of our team—they fit right in with our Harry Potter loving crew!

Anna Herring is an Oregon native that graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in public relations. She is currently a Client Success Manager at Lunar Logic. When she’s not working, Anna enjoys going on adventures, spending time with her pets and cooking. She is also passionate about photography, martial arts, and fitness. She is a chaotic neutral, and loyalties are with Gryffindor, Stark, and Targaryen.
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