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“Twitter and Facebook are just millions of people talking about what they had for breakfast. Why should I care?”

...Because small talk powers human interaction. Social media is simply lots of human interaction in one place.

If I told you I was in business selling medical supplies, and I attended a cancer awareness fundraiser, started talking about the weather with a doctor I'd never met and ended the evening with his contact info and a potential business client— would you think that was a strange way to get a client? Would you think the interaction was worthless?

You use small talk every day to break the ice with strangers— why ignore it on the internet?

Social networking is like a big event, happening all the time. Let's say that conversation with the doctor occurred online, where anyone who is interested might jump in. Most people won't be interested— but a few will. If you put the information out there, rest assured interested parties will find it. Having a social media presence nowadays is as essential to business as having a website.

Facebook has over 500 million users. Twitter has 190 million users and is growing rapidly. A few of those people are your future clients. Interacting with them is virtually free. This is a conversation you can't afford to not involve yourself in.

If you have 30 followers on Twitter and one of them becomes a client, your social networking has paid off. Maybe you had to tweet every day for a month to get that client— 2 minutes a day over 30 days is an hour. Would you trade an hour of your time for a new customer?

Think about that dinner party, and all the small talk I had with various people before I met that one client. Would you think it a waste if you spent an hour talking to people and came away with a sale?

The conversation about your product, company, and customers is already going on. The only question is, will you choose to influence it or ignore it? It doesn't take much to get started. Just walk up and introduce yourself.

Zac Bond
Staff Writer
Lunar Logic
Eugene, OR 97405
Phone: (541) 684-9500

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