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How Digital Marketing Makes a Big Difference [A Case Study]

For a small, locally-minded company, it feels pretty great to see one of our clients garner national recognition. In the March 2014 issue of Indian Gaming Magazine, Lunar Logic was featured in a case study of our work with Three Rivers Casino & Hotel. We’re honored to have been a part of the digital transformation that has allowed Three Rivers Casino to become one of the top Indian Gaming casinos statewide in online reach. A true story of success on the web, Three Rivers’ digital overhaul demonstrates how web presence and Internet marketing can make a big difference.

Here are some insights from the article:

The Results:

  • Hotel bookings are up 200% from two years ago
  • Since 2011 when they enlisted our help, 90% of Three Rivers Casino & Hotel’s customers indicated that they found the casino online
  • An increase in profits, web traffic and relative search share, during a period of general decline in search traffic for Three Rivers’ competitors and casinos in general
  • Access to data: the activity of website visitors can be tracked. Three Rivers Casino can tailor content and pages based on the demonstrated interest of users
  • Measurable and increased return on investment. The cost of online customer acquisition is now $19 per person, down from $50 per person
  • Core demographic shifted to the target of adults in their 30s-50s from adults in their 50s-70s
  • Authorized employees can make website updates and changes autonomously after very little training
  • A better user experience on the site with quality content, improved functionality and efficiency, and a pleasant, brand-consistent look and feel

The Strategies:

These improvements were the direct result of carefully-planned and researched strategy. Here’s what we did to help Three Rivers Casino & Hotel online:

  • Developed the custom website within Drupal, a content management system. Drupal makes updating the blog, website content, and photos simple even for inexperienced users
  • Revamped the design of the website using iconic Three Rivers Casino imagery and gorgeous professional photography
  • Utilized Google Analytics to track user activity and develop content strategy. Used principles of SEO to suggest blog topics and page content to attract additional web traffic.
We continue to work with Three Rivers Casino & Hotel to improve their online marketing strategy and digital presence. Next, we’ll be implementing a design update that will make the website responsive and accessible on all screen sizes. Responsive design crucial not only for improving user experience, but Google officially recommends responsive design for mobile sites, and will demote sites that are not not mobile-friendly in searches performed on phones and tablets. At Lunar Logic, we adapt as technology evolves and are committed to helping our clients keep up in an ever-changing digital environment. To learn more about Three Rivers Casino & Hotel, visit the website or contact them today. If you would like to learn how Lunar Logic can help improve your digital marketing strategy, get in touch.

View the original article in Indian Gaming Magazine  on their website.

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