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Did You Know About Google My Business Posts?

Around July 2017, Google quietly introduced Google My Business posting.

I say “quietly” because we weren’t 100% aware of this until recently—while in a phone call with Google themselves.

Obviously, this sent me into overdrive here at Lunar HQ. A social media avenue that contributes to SEO and helps build your Local profile? And I didn’t know about it?

It doesn’t help that, as a social media network, Google has always lagged behind. Google+ has existed for years, but has never become the boon that Google wanted it to be; we always recommend posting to Google+, even though it is an absolute ghost town, because of the SEO potential. But actually doing that—posting content knowing that your report for that platform is going to be dismal—can feel pretty pointless.

At first glance, Google My Business posts fill the same role as Google+ posts… with much more potential. As this is an entirely new platform for me, I decided to dig into some research and data to determine the best route for businesses to take.

1. Do Google My Business Posts Help SEO?

As we know from previous experience, Google gives more weight to posts and information that is on Google. According to Search Engine Land, Google My Business posts are a low-effort task that can have a mild to moderate impact on search ranking. This experiment was only over a short time, so it’s hard to calculate the actual impact; however, the example business had their rank increase by 3 or more spots in 7 days. That’s pretty impressive, right?

Further, we know that Google doesn’t index or crawl Facebook posts—just the pages themselves. This means that all those posts on Facebook that you lovingly craft, with links to your content, keywords, writing, and more, mean very little in the face of SEO. However, Google does crawl Google My Business posts, which are tied to your Google My Business page, website, and Local searches. What does that mean for you and your business?

It means that posting on Google My Business can help your search ranking in the long run, allow you to optimize for more keywords through social media, and put those Facebook posts to work.

2. What Do Google My Business Posts Look Like?

I’m a visual learner. I have to see examples before I am able to effectively work something out on my own. Many businesses aren’t posting on Google My Business—which means grabbing an example can be a real challenge. However, through some sleuthing, I found a generic example:

screenshot showing Google My Business post location

This helped me figure out exactly how these posts will look for businesses. When you search for a local business, by name or keyword, you will be able to see their Google My Business posts underneath all the other information about them.

What does this mean for your business? Well, that’s a good question.

3. What Should Google My Business Posts Be About?

As with any other social media network, posting on Google My Business requires a strategy. As these posts will be visible almost immediately when someone Googles your business, or your business shows up for a Local keyword search, they need to be appropriate for a wide audience. Here are a few tips:

  • Posts can be up to 300 words, but we recommend sticking between 80-150 words.
  • Include keywords and most important message towards the top of the post
  • Include an image; it appears that image dimensions are 750 x 750 and anything smaller than 250 x 250 pixels will be rejected.
  • Include a call-to-action (“visit our website for more information” or “call us to find out more”)
  • Keep the tone of the post conversational, just as with any other social media.

We have seen a few examples of dealerships listing new vehicles for sale, which seems especially effective for businesses that sell larger, luxury purchases or smaller, specialty items.

These posts are a great opportunity to optimize keyword opportunities from your website: linking to blog posts you want to increase the ranking of, seasonal and location-specific keywords, and more. Initially, we recommend cross-posting from Facebook because it allows that Facebook content to be indexed; however, with time, your strategy should evolve and creating Google My Business-specific content will be important.

Since Google My Business posts allow you to speak directly to consumers who find your business via Google Search, it provides a much-needed opportunity to convert potential customers. Imagine all the things you could post to drive visitors to your website, purchase a product, follow you on social media, and more!

Thankfully, Google My Business now allows for scheduled posts—which means you can start scheduling posts today. For the time being, our recommendation will be to post once per day on Google My Business, at least until we see data that suggests otherwise.

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