Everything You Need to Know About the Changes to Twitter Automation

Everything You Need to Know About the Changes to Twitter Automation

For the past several weeks, Twitter users have noticed their timelines rapidly changing. Large, popular accounts have been suspended; they aren’t seeing duplicated, viral tweets; and everything is talking about how Twitter is cracking down on spam.

But what does that really mean? And what does it mean for those of us running brands on Twitter?

We wanted to break down the new changes to Twitter automation in a short blog post. Let’s get started.

1. You won’t be able to schedule to multiple accounts at once anymore.

Originally, no matter what scheduling service you were using, you could schedule a tweet to be sent to multiple accounts at once. As of the end of February, most services have revoked this ability. The reason is that too many people were using this feature to spam multiple accounts multiple times a day, sending out the exact same content and replies over and over again.

For brands, this can make cross-promotion across multiple brands or accounts difficult. It will just take a little extra time to write separate content for multiple accounts.

2. No more duplicate or similar accounts.

This one won’t impact most brands, but on Twitter, sometimes users would create three or four accounts all posting the same content, all in the attempt to go viral or gain followers. As of the end of February, Twitter isn’t allowing this anymore; if they notice two or more accounts are posting essentially the same content, they will suspend both (or all).

3. Misusing hashtags to manipulate or inflate the prominence of that hashtag.

This is another one that might not directly impact brands but is important nonetheless. The users that would publish content over and over to multiple accounts would often use a hashtag in every single tweet, hoping to make it either gain prominence or help them go viral. Twitter now considers this abusive behavior and will suspend accounts that do it. It can be confusing because it seems like such a small thing, but if you use a hashtag in multiple tweets, don’t worry: they aren’t going to suspend accounts for that.
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