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E-learning in the Sun

As I write this, I am sitting in a sun-filled living room, watching birds dive into the Puget Sound... this is my kind of work environment

What kind of work am I doing? Painting? Perhaps writing a novel? Nothing so glamorous, I'm afraid— my co-workers and I are developing an E-learning tool— discussing and documenting requirements for an online homework system. Specifically, we're researching the best way to deliver content to students and how to best have these students respond.

Colleges are moving more and more towards online education, as E-learning provides the kind of rich media content that just isn't available from a physical textbook. It allows students with busy schedules to still pursue an education, and allows instructors to effectively teach a far greater number of students— not only in this country, but world-wide.

My job today is to make sure that the needs of the student, instructor, and textbook authors are all being addressed in one easy-to-use online homework system. One challenge is making sure that the online content is logically presented, fast, and most importantly, helpful to the student. Another is making sure that the authors of textbooks are able to publish their content online in a cost-efficient manner.

While it's not always easy to fit all the pieces together, it's hard to complain when the office looks more like a vacation!

A few E-learning resources:

Cengage Learning – Offers a large number of E-learning services for higher education
Paul's E-Learning Resources – Offers a number of links to free online learning services – A community site that collects information on E-learning from all over the web
Martin Wolf
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