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Are You Converted?

Everything you do in your business should make you money. Why should your web site be any different?

Before I get into whether or not you're converted— and not in the religious sense (though you should be religious about monitoring this!) I want you to understand the conversion process a little bit better.

Try this exercise. How much does your company spend on your website? Include hosting fees, maintenance contracts, staff support, agency help and anything else you do involving this part of your marketing strategy. Now, tally that up. Got your number? Good.

Now's the tricky part— Do you have Google analytics on your site? Don't know what it is? Click here: If you're familiar with analytics, then take a look at how many unique visits your site receives a month. Write that down.

Finally, how many calls or email leads does your site generate? Write that down too. These three numbers will give you a ratio. I'm no whiz at numbers but even I am capable of doing this arithmetic. Take the amount you spend and divide it by the number of visitors. For example, if you spend $2000 a month on your site and you get 500 unique visitors, it costs you $4 per visitor. Not too bad, right? But you still haven't made any money. You've gotten people to look around and that's it. You want them to contact you.

Now take the number of leads generated and divide by the number of visitors. For example, if you have 500 unique visitors and 5 people contact you, you're getting 1% of the total traffic as a lead. So how much did those 5 leads really cost you? They cost about $400 each. Hmmm... Is this whole web site thing really worth all this trouble for a handful of people?


You may be thinking to yourself, OK, I'll play along but I'm not a believer yet. What if I told you that there are ways to increase the likelihood that the visitors to your site will contact you? If, of the 500 visitors, 30 people contacted you or bought your product, would you pay attention? The number of visitors who choose to contact you is called the conversion rate. The better the conversion rate, the more leads you receive and the more sales you close.

The key to converting your visitors to leads is simple: Great copy sells. It's all in the content. How do you provide value to your consumer? What problems does your product or service solve? Who else have you helped? Tell your clients stories, or provide narrative about the people you've helped— the more content you provide the consumer, the more visitors you’ll convert.

Now here's the trick, pair that content with your products, and then provide simple ways to contact your company. Suddenly, the web site that has been a drag to take care of and pay for will be paying for itself and then some.

Create good content. Analyze what consumers are reading. Adapt content to your consumer’s interests. Convert visitors to sales.

Are you converted?

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