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Spring Cleaning

Michael Calabrese, Senior Developer

It's Spring again, and Summer is just around the corner. It's time to clean up! Open up your windows, attack those dust bunnies, and clean in all of the dark spots in your house. But did you know that websites need attention too?

Moving the Furniture

Is your privacy page up to date? Is there a new chapter in the life your business you need to share on the "About Us" page? Those are standard pages found on most websites. You set them up, and since they don't change very often, we don't look at them. Go now! Look! See them with fresh eyes. Read through all of your "static" pages, do they still read well? OK, how many spelling mistakes did you find, be honest. Make sure they reflect your business as it exists today.

Scrubbing the Floors

Most sites have at least one interactive page, the "Contact" page. Test it. Does it still work? Are you collecting the information you need? Do you get a lot of spam from it? I have seen many sites have contact pages that have stopped working and the owners are unaware. Now is the time, test it!

This really applies to any interactive parts of your site. Search pages, shopping carts and calculators are all interactive, and you should make sure they still work. These are the tools that your customers will be using. Make sure they are well-greased and polished.

The Dark Corners

Lastly, get the dark corners. Everyone hates cleaning under the refrigerator and making sure the back of the closets are free from dirt, but it still must be done. Look carefully at the stuff you see everyday on your site. You probably take it for granted, but have you checked your header and footer? Here are some things to look for:
  • Is the copyright date in this year?
  • Do you have phone number listed? Is it correct?
  • Have you called that number?
  • Can you get to the information that is important to your customers?


You have done it! It was hard work, but you made it. You have given your site a critical look and fixed the problems. You have made sure that it is still fresh. Good job. You have one more task and it is simple. Schedule your next site cleanup. I would suggest at least twice a year. You have completed your spring cleaning so aim for fall, October maybe. See you then!

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