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5 Ingredients for SEO Success

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. SEO helps people find your website easily in search results for related terms, and focuses on the unpaid, organic search results on sites like Google.

The Internet and your website are another way to market your business. Like any advertising, you'll want to give information relevant to your business in a concise yet catchy way. The goal for online marketing is to make it easy for the customer to find what they need on your website and get them engaged— filling out a contact form, purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter or membership— and good SEO is an essential first step in this online relationship.

We've compiled a short and simple list of our top 5 SEO tips that have been a successful part of our clients’ SEO recipe. There are many ways to optimize your website besides these quick tips. The most important thing to remember as you read through and implement these strategies is that the Internet is an ever-changing place— your website should be too.

1. Be Specific

Have you ever done a Google search, seen the thing you wanted listed in the results, clicked on it and then been routed to a page that says nothing about the product? Your options are to start the search over again in the company's website, or go back to Google and find someone who actually has what you’re looking for. Which one would you choose? These are the choices your customers are making right now.

The more accurately you name your pages and titles, the better your results will be. The key is to be honest, and specific. If you sell pasta sauce and your flagship product is “Pam's Fresh Organic Pesto,” you don’t want it sitting on a generically-labeled “pasta sauce” page— give it a page all to itself, with plenty of information and an easy way for customers to buy— that way, when people search for “fresh organic pesto,” your page has a much better chance of appearing. Because you’re targeting people who already know what they want, this translates to higher quality traffic to your site and more sales.

2. Be Clear

Clear navigation is imperative for quality SEO. This means that visitors can quickly and intuitively get to the products and services they’re interested in. It also means the site is built in such a way that search engines can easily map out the site and see where all the links go.

Customers who already know what they’re looking for should have already been directed to a specific page on the site, but those who are searching for a more generic term might want to browse, or are just getting started with their search— good navigation helps them along.

Here’s an example: One of our clients sells RVs. RV can mean anything from a tent trailer to a luxury coach, so having an intuitive path for the customer is crucial. On their RVs page. Guaranty makes their navigation front and center, with links and pictures of all the different classes of vehicle they carry.

3. Be Interesting

Does the content on your site engage your readers? Is it relevant to what they are interested in? One of our clients that does this really well is NextStep Recycling. On the surface, the company is an electronics recycler. But they also provide information on state recycling laws and green job training, and donate computers to schools. By putting all this on their website, they get web traffic from lots of different places, which converts to donations to continue their mission.

4. Be Mobile

1 out of 3 people searches for contact information for your company on their mobile device. 46% of people researching products and services on the web use their mobile device, up from 15% in 2010. If your website isn't responsive – like this one we did for the Downtown Athletic Club, you're making it harder for nearly half your search traffic to find you.

5. Be Social

Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn are just a few of the popular social media options available to us. Each social media tool has a different purpose and audience— and each one you participate in means more traffic for your website and sends the message to consumers that you’re engaged with them as a legitimate online presence.

SEO is one of many ways to improve your website's performance and bring more customers to your site. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your SEO needs, please contact us.

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