3 Powerful Ways for Your Brand to Use YouTube

3 Powerful Ways for Your Brand to Use YouTube

YouTube has become a powerhouse in the social media world in the last 5 years. Not only have entire careers been made on YouTube, but more brands than ever are using YouTube to supplement their other social media channels. If you have access to a camera and editing software (available on most computers), you can easily make YouTube videos and share them across your social media channels, as well as on your website.

For many brands, however, they wonder how they can leverage YouTube to increase brand awareness, find new customers, and produce content that can be shared to other social media channels. What, exactly, kind of videos are most successful on YouTube?

We have 3 ideas for videos you can make, quickly and easily, and promote across social media. These videos can be educational, funny, and informative about your product.

1. Product Reviews

The most popular videos on YouTube are product reviews. Basically: a user has a product, talks about its promises, tries it, and gives a detailed review. For your brand, what does this mean?

You could have an employee test your new product or, even better, a third party, such as a friend of an employee or a local social media influencer. Film them talking with another employee about the product, answering questions, and discussing why you made the product and why you love it. Then, have them try it on camera, whether it is a food item, a car, or anything else. Then, let them give their final thoughts: did they like it? What would they like to see improve? (It doesn’t have to be all positive! Showing areas of improvement is important in these types of videos.) Would they purchase it themselves?

2. How To Videos

These videos are frequently the easiest to make, depending on your brand and business. Think of Buzzfeed’s infamous Tasty videos: fast, step-by-step recipes. If you have a food product, doing these kind of videos will be insanely popular and you can easily share them to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you sell something like notebooks or pens, you could do a similar video of an artist drawing in a notebook using your product, or creating a bullet journal layout. (Bullet journal videos are very popular on YouTube.)

3. Favorites

Another category of video that is very popular on YouTube are favorites videos. This is another opportunity to showcase your employees and culture: you can simply film yourself asking employees and their friends their favorite product or products, then compile all the responses into one video. Another way to do this is to have an employee film a video where they go through favorite products among staff, how they use them, and why as more of a conversational video.


So what can we learn from these top 3 video types?

  • First and foremost, use YouTube to show off your products, specifically how employees and fans use them.
  • Find unique and creative ways to demonstrate your products in use.
  • Use your employees to demonstrate the culture of your business and brand.

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